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블랙박스 솔루션

블랙박스 솔루션
매우 작은 메모리 필요
ROM 크기 : 300KB
RAM 크기 : 8~256MB
2개 채널지원, 각채널별 30fps 녹화
음성동시 녹음 지원
G-센서, GPS 지원

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2011 June 2nd
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2010 Aug 17th
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2010 Aug 17th

2 Channel encoding
VGA size.
MJPEG encoding.
If using addtional chip, 8 channel encoding is possible.
AVI file encoding.

30 fps (frame per second) each channel
30 frame per each channel.
can change the encoding fps by modify the configuration file.

audio encoding
adpcm encoding.
only one channel.
added to MJPEG AVI file.

G-Sensor, GPS
Bosh BCM150.
XYZ-axis gravity value is recorded in each JPEG files.
latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, track and direction is recorded in each JPEG files.