create New Value with ibosn systems


dooroos operating systems are to be launched to CoreLogic MultiMedia/Camera chipsets.
The value added reseller contract with CoreLogic.
dooroos operating systems will be ported to all the CoreLogic chipset.

dooroos.embedded is released.
dooroos.realtime is desinged for the small memory system.(for example,CortexM3)
faster response and smaller memory requirement.

dooroos.realtime is released.
dooroos.RealTime is the new name of JBOSN RTOS.
faster response and lower interrupt latency.

IP camera solution.
IP Camera solution is released.
fast response, very short delay.
immediate operation on power(short boot time).
video and audio transmition

Car BlackBox solution.
2 Channel encoding car blackbox soution is released.
30 fps (frame per second) each channel.
audio encoding.
G-Sensor, GPS acceptable.

JBOSN RTOS v2.0 Visual Studio 2009.
JBOSN RTOS v2.0 Visual Studio 2009 is released. The older IDE(JBuilder and JStudio) is now not supported.

Home Appliance - Washer and Dryer.
LG Washer and Dryer is on mass-production.

Automotive - Vehicle(Car) Remote Controller.
Range Rover rear seat remote controller is on mass-production.

Network/Commnunication - NongHyup bank.
NongHyup bank terminal is on mass-production.

Network/Commnunication - U-Campus project terminal.
U-Campus project terminal is on mass-production.
Chosun university U-Campus IC PAD terminal.
Kunsan university U-Campus IC PAD terminal.
Hoseo university U-Campus IC PAD terminal..

Network/Commnunication - PIN pad terminal.
PIN pad terminal is on mass-production.
lotte-supermarket POS pin pad.
lotte-department, lette-mart, K7(seven-eleven) POS pin pad.
paris baguette POS pin pad.

Network/Commnunication - Card check terminal.
Card check terminal is on mass-production.

Control - Gas Station Data Manangement Server.
Gas Station Data ManagementS Server is on mass-production.

JBOSN RTOS EMULATOR on PC is released..
Now, JBOSN RTOS embedded software can be developed on PC platform only without hardware.

Atmel's CAP Customizable Microcontroller Hosts JBOSN High-Performance RTOS. Go Now

JBOSN RTOS document. Go Now
JBOSN RTOS windows helpfile format(.chm) version 2.0 document is released.

JBOSN RTOS V2.0 is release.
JBOSN RTOS V2.0 is released

JBOSN RTOS V1.0 is released
JBOSN RTOS V1.0 is released.