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linux-style proc filesystem.
statistics about the kernel services.
resource management of the kernel.
kernel configuration.
the auto-dection and recovery of the kernel inside error.

The™ demo file download includes a demonstration project for the dooroos emulator running on the PC.

  Demo of on dooroos EMULATOR

Download the binary images running on dooroos EMULATOR.
Enjoy on your PC platform. demo file Download Now demo file (v0.0.0.4)
The framebuffer video driver is added.
The tty driver for the framebuffer video driver and the keyboard.
26 FEBRARY, 2018

screen shot demo file Download Now demo file (v0.0.0.3)
kernel sleep/wakeup architecture is changed.
signal architecure is changed. but not work perpectly yet.
network : ARP, ICMP, UDP, and many APIs are tested.
8 SEPTEMBER, 2017 demo file Download Now demo file (v0.0.0.2)
filesystem: cluster read/write is added.
GEOM is added.
network stack is added
ethernet driver is added
4 SEPTEMBER, 2017 demo file (ver : initial version) Download Now demo initail version.
1 AUGUST 2017