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what is

두루.모바일은 범용적인 운영체제입니다.
UNIX 호환 운영체제입니다.
The™ initial demo version is released. try download and enjoy.
The™ is a nano-kernel based multitasking kernel designed for the various applications.

The™ is a multi-layered, modular, high-performance general-purpose operating system designed specifically for the various computing systems. It provides a complete multitasking environment based on open system standards. It is built around the multi-tasking nano-kernel and a collection of companion software components and service servers(os services). Every servers implement a logical collection of system services. To the application developer, the system service requests appear as re-entrant C functions callable from an application. Any combination of server and library components can be incorporated into a system to match your computing system design requirements.

The™ can replace all the unix/linux system. is general-purpose operating system suitable for all the digital information devices in the form of multi-layered and modulated structure. can be freely configurable to suit the characteristics of the production equipment. In addition, the various basic modules are designed to be attached or dettached to/from digital system without constraints, then you can create a wide variety of computing systems from the very small systems to the very large systems.
dooroos_nano.os          : nano kernel of the
dooroos_time.os          : time service
dooroos_system.os      : system management
dooroos_sync.os          : synchroniztion
dooroos_mm.os           : memory management
dooroos_control.os      : control of the process
dooroos_fs.os              : fileystem
dooroos_dev.os           : device manangement
dooroos_nw.os            : network
dooroos_tty.os            : tty
dooroos_exception.os : exception control of the process
dooroos_libk.os           : library for the kernel services

High speed in kernel services like the realtime OS.
High modular architecture.
Processes can call the same API of the same services(ex. filesytem server) simultaneously like a monolithic kernel. They run in the same server in parallel.
The recursive call of the service between the servers is allowed like a monolithic kernel.
The racing condition is minimized. there is no LOCK mechanism except the malloc.