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dooroos.RealTime EMULATOR is the dooroos.RealTime development tool that can emulate dooroos.RealTime on PC. dooroos.RealTime EMULATOR emulates the embedded hardware on PC and supports the various device. The user of dooroos.RealTime can develope, test and verify their applications on this emulator. There is no restriction on development of customer's target system. The binary compatibility of application and dooroos.RealTime is garanted between EMULATOR and customer's target hardware.

rel. 02-00-09042700.
2009 April 27th
audio/mic device is added (WM8753).
direct sound is added and sound is fixed.
media player is now working correctly on emulator.
rel. 02-00-09042200.
2009 April 22nd
emulator is first released.
emulator BSP is inserted.
emulator sample program is added.