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"dooroos.RealTime Visual Studio 2017" is a Windows IDE (Integrated Development Environment) suited for editing and compiling dooroos.RealTime projects.
"dooroos.RealTime Visual Studio 2017" strives to provide powerful tools for developers to work with projects - while keeping a familiar Windows user-interface and tool-set.
"dooroos.RealTime Visual Studio 2017" has been designed by a programmer for programmers. It makes the task of developing software for C/C++, and even XML and HTML much easier than using command line mode. It is easy to learn, so it is a good tool for the beginner. It also has the critical features needed to enhance the productivity of the experienced programmer.
"dooroos.RealTime Visual Studio 2017" is the dooroos.RealTime development tool that can build dooroos.RealTime. and make a downloadable images to target system. The BSP of dooroos.RealTime and platform images(hardware dependent code) can be built; HAL and device driver. The dooroos.RealTime downloadable image is also built.
"dooroos.RealTime Visual Studio 2017" a fully integrated development environment for compiling and debugging of dooroos.RealTime applications. So "dooroos.RealTime Visual Studio 2017" allows you to compile dooroos.RealTime applications from inside a Windows IDE. It perfectly integrates compiling and debugging into the IDE: You will get compile warnings, hints and error messages, and be able to jump to the lines in question by clicking on the message pane the same way as with the standard development environments you usually use on Windows.
"dooroos.RealTime Visual Studio 2017" opens source files, allowing a developer the view and edit source files. The IDE exposes build commands (make build scripts) to be issued, executes the application on the target while inspecting the console or compiler output. And finally you can debug the application using the GNU GDB debugger through a simple, easy-to-use (and fimiliar for Microsoft Developer Studio-users) user-interface.

Syntax highlighting editor.
Debugging using GDB.
Watches, local variables and call-stack.
Code folding, mouse-over information and brace matching.
Drag and Drop editing.
MDI and tabbed view.
Unlimited Undo and Redo.
Unlimited Undo and Redo.
Intelli-sense (realtime C++ parser).
Intelli-sense (CTAGS support).
Smart indentation.
Class View.
HTML and XML preview (WYSIWYG).
SQL and Query result with OLEDB datasource.
Scripting using VBScript language.
Macros and macro recording.
Source Control integration (CVS).
Search / Replace in Files + Regular Expressions (Grep).
Support for project files.
Drag and Drop support.
File Explorer.
Customizable toolbars and keyboard shortcuts.
Autodetect Linebreak-styles (DOS, UNIX or Mac), and convert them.
Command Line Bar (a one-line shell).
Plugin-based design.
User-defined tools on menu.
Docking panels and auto-hide panels (VS.NET).

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2018년 1월 2일
Cortex-A 가 추가되었읍니다.(사용자가 float-abi 옵션을 지정할 수 있습니다.).

2011 Aug 3rd
The first release.

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